In 2017 most hostels have beautiful responsive websites, filled with gorgeous copy, branding and sometimes even videos. What I see very little of, are hotel keeping a blog as a marketing platform for their hotel. This is a missed opportunity as it is a low cost way of marketing, strengthening your positioning and branding as well as connecting with your guests. Let me explain why every hotel should have a blog. 

While hotel blogs are most likely not going to get you bookings (the readers will not be in the ‘booking phase’ yet or anymore), it is still very valuable to run a blog for your hotel. Keeping it up to date shouldn’t be too expensive. A small and useful update for your guests doesn’t have to take longer than thirty minutes, and longer extensive guides have the potential to bring a lot of visitors over the long term. So let’s dive in.

 1. More traffic

While not the most useful reason to start a hotel blog, in my opinion, it can’t be ignored that a good SEO-friendly content strategy can bring readers to your website. A site full of useful content will also rank higher in search engines than one without, so it will be easier to compete for the keywords you’d like to rank for. The best practice would be to write any news updates about your hotel, as well as content that’s highly relevant on a local level. Readers looks for that type of content might live around your hotel, or be traveling to the area, and while they may not need a hotel (anymore), they might still need a place to eat or a fancy rooftop terrace for their cocktails. Think bigger than just selling rooms.

2. Well-rounded branding

A blog is a great platform to shape the conversations around your brand. Is your hotel known for its amazing breakfasts? Share one of the breakfast recipes on the blog. Is it known for its cocktails? Share a post about the cocktail trends for this summer. If music is a big factor in your hotel, why not share stories behind your favourite songs, or your favourite spotify-playlists? Your blog is a great platform to shape the readers conception of your hotel, and to inject a little personality into your corporate identity, as you can also let your staff share their stories and tips.

3. Connect to travellers in each stage of journey

One of the pillars of a successful hotel is customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. How great would it be to connect guests to your brand during both the pre-tip research and the trip stage of the booking journey? You can inspire guests with content about your property or destination, and assist them during their stay with blogposts about activity and restaurants you recommend in the local area. Or give them the secret tip to the best photos in your area. My favourite hoteliers are the ones that share their little local secrets with me, as it makes me feel more special and clued in than other travellers, and a hotel blog would a great and organised way to keep your recommendations in one place. Consider it a free travel guide for your guests.

Plenty of great reasons to start a hotel blog! Need help setting up a content strategy or exquisite writers to produce juicy content for you? Or are you more interested in a workshop to drill your team into content champions? Contact us, and we'll help you shine online.

What is your favourite hotel blog?