Content marketing is a useful marketing strategy for travel agents, but whenever I check - most travel agents don't have a blog, haven't updated them in forever, or it's full of useless information for the reader.  What a wasted potential! Blogging is cheap and accessible, and it's time to stop wasting this opportunity. In this article I'll share the main three reasons why every travel agency should have a blog.

#1: Position yourself as an expert

Having a blog is also very important from a branding point of view. It allows an opportunity to showcase your expertise on a destination or topic. I have experienced this phenomena first hand, in my side job as a travel blogger. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm in a bit of a committed relationship with London: I have visited the city a dozen times, and even lived there for seven months. This lead to me blogging passionately about a million different topics surrounding London (things to do, restaurants, museums, public transport), hoping to help anyone traveling there fall in love with the city as much as I have. I'm often tagged by people on social media when one of their friends has a question about traveling to London, because I'm seen as an expert on the topic. My articles drive thousands of visitors to my website on a monthly base. Readers trust my opinion on the destination as they know I have been there many times, and I have so much valuable content to back up my claims!

Another topic I wrote about passionately when I first started blogging years ago was budget travel, and because of those articles I was regularly asked to comment on articles in national press, as I was considered an expert in the topic.

Positioning yourself as an expert builds your credibility amongst your customer base, as well as lead to exciting PR opportunities you couldn't possibly afford if you had to buy that kind of publicity for your business.

#2: Building a close knit community

Having a travel agents blog and providing useful information also puts a face to your company. It gets customers accustomed to your tone of voice, your personality and your expertise. And we all know we're way more likely to take a recommendation from someone we "know", right? By regularly sharing useful content, you build a connection with your readers/customers, who start to recognise and know you and start feeling a connection to you and your business. What is the reason people still go to local travel agents instead of book online? Because they know and like the travel agent. You can replicate this online with a well written and useful blog.

#3: More website visitors & higher Google rankings

If none of the other reasons appeal to you, the number one reason to start a blog is for SEO. It's no secret that Google over the past few years has rewarded websites with quality content by awarding them higher rankings in search engines, and punished those with useless content. The best way to get on Googles good side is to write valuable blogposts. Writing really useful guides and answering most asked questions, will improve your rankings in Google, drawing more visitors to your website. It also doesn't take as much time as you may think.

If you need help creating quality content for your travel agency, please get in touch. Did you know 62% of all companies outsource their blog? The Explorista Media content team consists of experienced and creative travel writers who live and breathe digital content, that are ready to set up your content strategy, and write content that inspire your readers. We've created content for companies such as Expedia, Budget Car Rental and Orbitz.

Are you ready to start a blog?