CLIENT: Expedia UK/IE & Expedia NL

WHEN: 2015- ongoing


Expedia has hired us for a number of different services.

  1. For Expedia UK we provided translation services of Dutch destination pages into English. We also create SEO content for their Netherlands landing pages, on an ongoing base.
  2. We have also consulted them on the section ‘City Diaries’ on their Expedia Travel Blog. We shaped a new direction for the section to improve both the SEO as well as engagement with readers.
  3. We create blog content for the travel blog on a regular basis, as and when is needed, as we have a large pool of talented writers which can deliver quality content on a quick turnaround.
  4. For Expedia NL we regularly contribute to their Dutch travel blog as well in the form of engaging content that drives traffic to the website, and improves the SEO of the site.
  5.  We oversee three different projects from a project management point of view, overseeing both development as outreach efforts, communicating effortlessly between client and agencies while keeping an eye on budget and deadlines.
  6. Last but not least we have co-founded Surprise Trips with Expedia. Please check that portfolio page for more detailed information on what type of services we provide for them.

CONTENT: You can see examples of our work here:

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